Pakistan Cosmetic Surgery


We simply call Cosmetic Surgery in Pakistan as a beauty enhancement surgery performed by authentic plastic surgeons. It is generally performed to lessen down the consequences of growing age on face and body, in order to perk up the shape of various body parts and face or to converse the alterations effected by pregnancy in females. It’s very significant that any sort of Plastic Surgery evenĀ if it is Reconstructive or Cosmetic, should be carried out by a highly qualified and well skilled Plastic Surgeon. As a matter of fact, highly capable Plastic Surgeons are not only completely skilled to carry out various plastic Surgery procedures, but also qualified to choose the right surgery for the patients and post operative care, which is necessary for Cosmetic Surgery.

After great success in Dubai and whole Middle East, the Dubai cosmetic surgery has launched its centers in Pakistan to offer the same level of comprehensive care, highly developed technologies and most modern advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery to the people of Pakistan as well. Hair transplantation, Lasers and Skin care are the highlighted features of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offered by internationally trained surgeons and leading experts in their respective fields. All the nurses and staff members of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery in Pakistan are specially selected on the basis of their skills and qualification that are well trained to look out all of your needs.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan is running under the supervision of Dr. Bokhari who is highly renowned for his foreign qualifications, capabilities and proficiency generally in Plastic surgery sector and particularly in cosmetic surgery. It is his reliability and responsibility which makes you to trust upon him to have your cosmetic procedure with Dr. Bokhari.